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A professional business plan for Qatar. Qatar has been growing tremendously in the past few years. This Middle Eastern country is slowly on its way towards becoming a global superpower. This makes Qatar a wonderful place to do business in.

If you’re an entrepreneur or you own a company that you’d like to expand to the Middle East someday, then you should definitely consider setting up your venture in Qatar. According to the annual survey done by the World Bank for its Doing Business Report, Qatar found itself having risen from its rank #29 out of 190 economies (in 2018), to rank #20, in the 2019 Report for its ease of purchasing and obtaining sites and construction permits.

This report, which takes into consideration numerous factors like stage of the industry, the profitability of the industry, ease of registration & getting business permits, ease of procuring official stamps & signatures. Along with the ease of applying for loans, ease of purchasing lands & securing site deeds, etc. when evaluating how conducive a country is to do business.

Qatar also ranks #2 out of 190 countries, in terms of ease of paying taxes, proving how entrepreneur friendly it is. While Qatar’s overall ease of starting business ranks stands at 83 out of 190 economies, this is still a significant improvement for this Middle Eastern country, which was ranked above 100 out of 190 economies for its ease of doing business, just a few years ago.

This is particularly heartening for new business owners, since this shows that the Qatar government is working very hard to make the country very conducive for business and entrepreneurship.

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An economically strong base for your next venture

Did you know that Qatar is the 28th freest economy in the world, with a score of 72.6 according to the 2019 Index of Economic Freedom? This is pretty high. It shows that as a country, Qatar gives its people a lot of avenues to spend and invest their money.

Qatar is also ranked #3 out of the 14 Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region countries in terms of the economic freedom it offers its residents and the entrepreneurs who visit the country to start a business. This is an indication of how far this Middle Eastern country has come in terms of making itself business-friendly and investment-friendly.

The country has also initiated numerous changes in its economic policies, and it now offers a more conducive environment for global businesses. Qatar is one of the friendliest nations in the Middle East, having strong and positive ties with its neighbors. This significantly reduces any restrictions that entrepreneurs and business owners may have about doing business overseas or procuring materials from across the border.

Qatar is also investing heavily in land development, infrastructure development and human capital development. Entrepreneurs planning to start their business in Qatar will now have access to top-class resources, which are available at the most nominal costs.

All of these together raised Qatar’s GDP to $167 billion in 2017, and 2018 saw a 2.2% rise in GDP. Even 2019 is expected to see an increase in GDP by 3%, from 2018. Additionally, inflation rates are expected to stay the same – just little over 2% – for the next five years. For business owners, this is very promising news. This shows that Qatar is an extremely strong base to start a lucrative and profitable business venture.

With imports & exports receiving massive support from the Government and with trade tariffs at an all-time low, entrepreneurs can expect great business success in the country.

A professional business plan for Qatar can help you succeed

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